Your Cheat Sheet On How to Create More Space in Your House


1. Mirrors

Who doesn’t love the effect large full-size mirrors add to any room? Plus, they are best for taking full selfies so that your beautiful outfit isn’t cropped. Adding mirrors opposite to any window would give an illusion of having the view from the window in the room only. Plus, it will give a perception that there’s more space. Recall when you go to a trial room at any outlet and it has mirrors on all 3 corners, don’t you get trapped into believing that it’s a large room although it really isn’t? This is exactly what mirrors do, give a false impression of added space.

2. High Ceilings

If you have high ceilings in your room, don’t let it go to waste instead use it for storage. This way the ground will be used less and so your room will look less congested and will have idler space.

3. Add Lighting

Adding different type of lights at different angles can make your rooms look larger than they are. It will give the space feel dramatically large than it actually is! Plus, don’t forget to clean your windows so the sunlight is also used to help make space seem larger.

4. Keep Windows Open

When windows are open the human eye has more to see and capture and when it has more to see it pushes one to believe that there’s a lot of space. So open all those locked windows hidden behind those thick curtains.

5. Hide LED Cords

Everyone hate wires like the mess they create is just terrible and do you know what’s the worst part about them? It’s when these wires get tangled into each other. You hate it too, right? So in order to clear this mess or at least keep it hidden the best thing is to install a wall TV support that has space in it to hide the cords as well as keep remotes, DVDs and Blu-rays. It will make the space look neat and tidy and so spacious as well.

6. Sofa Come Bed

How about acting differently and installing a bed set that consumes less space and can be folded into a sofa when not in use?

7. Use a Foldable Iron Stand

Iron stand doesn’t really have to be there the whole day instead of how about investing in a foldable iron stand which can be hidden under the bed when not in use thus freeing up space.

8. Use Windows for Drying Clothes

If you really want your space to look bigger, you must start investing in multipurpose things like a window plus cloth dryer which is called a “Blind”. This is basically a combination of a laundry rack and window blinds. When you want to dry the clothes you simply pull the rack out and when the job is done you push it up to block some light.

9. Use Under-Stairs Storage

Don’t let this space go to waste and use it as storage so that you have freed up space in your rooms which was otherwise filled with piles and piles on storage stuff.

10. Less Furniture and Unnecessary Items

Hate it when you have small space but there are an awful lot of unnecessary items laying around? Then it’s time to keep the things that are important and remove all other stuff to make your house look spacy. Use a palm beach waste removal service to haul away the junk for you.

Also, if your old furniture is taking up much of the space in your storage room or garage, then get it removed with the help of a junk removal Florida service.

Why use a junk removal Florida company for that? Because it will save time and energy. You just have to call them; they will do the rest.


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