White Noise Machine: Are They Really Good For You?


Many people like to fall asleep to the calming buzz of white noise, which is made up of low-, medium-, and high-frequency sounds all played at the same volume range.

Best white noise machines useful for those who live in noisy environments because it essentially masks other sounds. However, there are a few general misunderstandings about what white noise is and how it can help sleep.

Let’s learn more about the best white noise machines before you look for the “best weighted blanket”.

What Is White Noise, and What Does It Mean?

First and foremost, it’s crucial to grasp white noise and why it’s so much more soothing than other forms of noise. In essence, the sounds you hear daily are on a wide range of frequencies, mingling and reflecting off one another, causing strain on your ear as the auditory system struggles to absorb them all.

White noise generators emit sound at all frequencies simultaneously, close to how white light reflects all light frequencies. Although white noise comes in a multitude of ways, this is the basic concept.

White noise devices, in essence, produce a layer of sound that covers existing sounds, creating a soothing, steady, concentrated sound that is pleasing to the ear and can mask less familiar sounds.

Is It True That White Noise Is Harmful?

Why are so many people wasting their hard-earned money on white noise applications and machines that work all night?

The machines likely provided benefits to users, but there’s no evidence. Furthermore, white noise can become habit-forming in its own right. It’s impossible to adjust your sleep schedule after you’ve made the machines or software a part of your routine.

One day we may discover that these white noise machines are harming our hearing. But right now, there is no scientific evidence except user reviews. We should keep the white noise as low as possible before more information becomes available.

Selecting a White Noise Generator

A sound generator, also known as a white noise machine, will help you create a calming bedroom experience that encourages good sleep. These instruments also emit atmospheric and natural noises such as chirping birds and crashing waves in addition to white noise and other noise. Here are a few things to think about before buying a machine:

Price: The majority of white noise devices are under $100. Higher-end versions typically come with a broader range of noises and sounds.

Size: Sound machines are primarily small and lightweight, but some are particularly small and built for flight.

Sleep Timer: Certain sound devices have programmable timers that can turn the system off after a certain period has elapsed.

Looping: Some white noise devices repeat their sounds at the end and begin the recording to create a stable listening environment. In contrast, others interrupt when the recording is over.

Alarm: Many sound generators have an alarm built in to ensure you wake up at certain hours.

If you don’t want to spend the money on a dedicated sound machine, you can use a white noise app on your smartphone or tablet instead. These applications are usually really cheap, if not completely free.


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