Top 4 T-Slot Aluminum Extrusion Suppliers You Should Know


T-slot aluminum extrusion is a metal slot that uses a strong and durable cross-sectional profile. Aluminum extrusion is a technique used to transform aluminum metal into objects with a cross-sectional shape for various usages. A T-slot aluminium extrusion gives the aluminum its unique physical characteristics. The malleability allows it to be easily bent in a machine and cast.

T-slot extrusions are made for various reasons and applications, such as workstations, packaging, cleaning, inspecting, loading and unloading, etc. T-slot extrusion’s versatility makes it an ideal candidate for making racks, conveyors, carts, dollies, etc. The extrusions are strong, lightweight, and efficient and used to pick up things or lifting. They are also very functional and flexible. It’s the flexibility of the extrusion that allows it for guarding machinery parts. You can mount objects like door handles, light curtains, safety locks, etc., along with the slot. These slots are also used in machine framing where steel welding isn’t required.

T-slot is a perfect slot for the project because it’s stable, durable, and very reasonable in price. The material costs aren’t expensive in comparison with other materials. This saves on labor costs because, unlike other slots, T-slots do not need to be welded or assembled. They can be easily assembled or removed from the fixture. If you are looking for t-slot extrusion suppliers, here are some results.

Wallace Metal Products

Wallace Metal Products are a metal service center that believes in helping their customers. They distribute aluminum, carbon, stainless steel, sheet plate, pipe, tread plate, tubing, and extruded products. Along with all the metal products, they have copper product lines as well. All their materials are tested and verified for quality control, so there isn’t anything shady about the quality. The stock they have can be catered according to their customer’s needs and specifications. The company process orders within 24 hours an hour of order placement. They have special inventories, products and cut minimum charges for the shipment. Some of these tools or products are also used for “linear roller rail systems”.

Decor Aluminum Ltd.

Decor is an aluminum extrusion company with high-quality products and good value. Decor Aluminum is one of the most successful and topmost suppliers of extrusions, fabricated and anodized parts. They also have assemblies to the automotive, transportation, military, renewable energy, consumer products, and many other industries.

Extruded Aluminum Corporation

Extruded Aluminum Corporation consists of a complete line of extrusions. They have standard shapes in raw linear extrusions, custom extrusions entirely fabricated, and finished to meet your specification standards. The company also supplies products to companies and industries such as furniture, automotive, marine, government, construction, sports, electronics, and various utilities. The suppliers’ main motto is to provide high-quality products to the customer at a reasonable and affordable price range.

Johnson Bros. Roll Forming

Johnson Bros Company is the leading company in the aluminum roll forming industry. All their tools and extrusions are well built with high-quality materials. Their products can be bent and shaped according to the specifications. All the products are durable and sturdy, with double thicknesses added to them. You can choose and customize your own set of tools as well.


There you have it! Four T-slot extrusion suppliers that you needed to know. You can go to their websites and order your desired tool or product for purchasing.


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