Tips That Help to Reduce Claustrophobia in an MRI


When a physician suggests an MRI, it starts the feeling of claustrophobia to many patients. But, MRI is the most obvious way to get comprehensive images of your body inside organs.

It uses a strong magnetic field along with radio waves with the help of the latest computers. An MRI is not just safer than going through an X-ray, it also doesn’t emit radiation.

But, the process of the scan takes from 30 minutes to 90 minutes in a machine that looks like a tube. This is why it’s not a fun experience for the people who scare in the closed-in surroundings.

Luckily, there are some ways to minimize the issue of claustrophobic using an open MRI scanner. Let’s know some tips to reduce or eliminate this issue.

Understand Why You’re Need to Do an MRI

Assume you need to get an appointment for an MRI. So, you have to accept a great need for thorough imaging while looking for the subsequent step that needs to look after your health issues. Some patients are performing an MRI due to pain for a long time.

Also, they may have a big issue like an injury to their soft tissue, so the doctor likes to ensure it before making a treatment plan. There was no other way than surgery to take a look inside of the human body before the invention of MRI.  

Know What Happens While Doing an MRI

MRI machines have made with a looks like a tube in the middle of a table. The ends of the machines are a bit open, but still, they’re very congested for many people. Especially it’s a big issue for people with obesity and extra weight.

Another problem is claustrophobia that experiences some people because of the tube-sized structure of the MRI machines. The technicians can perform the scanning process using the machine outside of your head that depends on your body part that is going through the scanning procedures.

Also, patients should know that they’ll find a repeating and loud noise that may annoy them. But, the noise comes from the pulses of the magnetic fields.

No worries, you’ll get enough equipment like headphones to reduce the noise amount. Also, some patients get the option of listening to music and fall sleep accordingly. 

Getting A Sedative

Taking the essential type of sedative before you go through the MRI processes is nothing to feel shame. It’s a great way to face the possible issues while doing an MRI. Also, it’ll help you to lie down enough time with relaxed when you’re on the way of an MRI.

So, before you get an appointment with an MRI, let your doctor and imaging center to know that you have a prescription for using a sedative. They’ll give you the necessary instructions when you need to take the sedative.

One thing is to keep in mind that if you take any type of sedative, you should avoid driving a car. Instead, it’s better to go with someone or hire a taxi to your home. Besides, an open MRI is another simple way to avoid the issue of claustrophobia. But for that, you should know what does an open MRI machine look like.


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