Things to Know About Radiology Information System RIS


First off, a Radiology Information System, RIS is not actually a PACS. It’s also not suitable for long term patient records management and it doesn’t promote storage. So, the question is what it particularly does. Yes, it’s a very legal question. As we have taken the topics, it must have some roles to your workflow.

What RIS does is that it helps you to promote your workflow for your staff and your office. These include workflow management and billing where the system has proven its handiness. But, the best thing it can do is that it can customize your most needs.

You just need to talk to your service provider that will make things simple setting it up. As a result, you’ll find your workplace and workflow are very easy to deal with.

Patient Registration & Scheduling

You might be still not using a paper and pen to keep records of your all patients’ appointments. If you use RIS, you’ll be able to enhance your system to make things easy. It’ll help you to write down the registration information of your all patients.

You’ll have to ask them their name, birth date, address, and why they’re visiting a doctor along with other related fields that you need. Everything will be remaining all set, you just need to type this information and then save them. Even you can do it when you’re talking a patient over a phone call or standing in person in front of you.

Workflow Management

While using RIS, you can properly track the journey of your patient’s images and records throughout the beginning. It means that you just need to log in to your system to find out the entire list in front of you. It’ll allow your staff to work without being frustrated with their tasks.

Apart from these, a RIS is easy to integrate with cloud system along with you’re his, PACS and EMR systems. This is the clearness that considerably smoothes out the bumps in the workflow.

In spite of depending on a telephone game where you can get important information out of line, a RIS enables you to watch consistently across communications. The end result of these all things you’ll not find any other handy system to make your workflow management as simple as an RIS can.

Billing & Digital Reporting

When you’re using a RIS, your staff doesn’t need to use a phone or calculating device all the time. You’re all set and the whole things have computerized while using an RIS radiology information system. You not just will be able to do something more at your office, you also will get better growth of your overall revenue.

That means the productivity will increase importantly, but you’ll get done things in less time than you did previously. Besides, the system makes your reporting digitalized. As a result, you can prepare more reports without or fewer errors and it’ll absolutely eliminate the use of papers and pens.

There are fewer errors due to illegible handwriting, and since most people can type faster than they write, more information is recorded immediately. Additionally, the decreased turnaround in reports in itself can enable increased revenue. After all, the number of radiologist’s reading matters for them in particular.


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