Some Must-Add Features While Designing Dental Websites


There are lots of things on a dental website. Some features you should get to add will allow the site to do many things for it while starting a new website for dental practice or revamping one.

That’s because a dental service website does many things, including allowing their patients to make appointments, accepting forms from the new patients, and educating their readers about good practice of their dental health.

The dental marketing professionals, website design New York knows well what makes a dental website excellent. Well, let’s remember the tips that will help you to get a great website design for the dental practice.

HIPAA Compliance

Like other medical professionals, HIPAA compliance plays a significant role in the dental practice as well. It’s particularly essential when you want to use online payment or online forms options.

This is more than only good practice; it’s required by law to keep “Protected Health Information (PHI)”. Also, it’s legally instructed to protect the demographic information that may recognize a healthcare patient.

Indeed, HIPAA compliant means that transmitted information through your website is as safe as encrypted. Getting the SSL certificate is a simple way to confirm it. Although this certificate is vital for all types of sites, it’s especially crucial for dental website.

Pages for Every Treatment/Service

The services you offer your patients, you know those well, but your patients don’t. Also, it provides you with an advantage for SEO when you get a correctly optimized webpage for every treatment or service. The page receives an option to come in search engine’s result pages if somebody searches “root canal service in (your location).” It means that making separate pages for every treatment or service is not just useful for you and your patients; it’s also great for ranking your website.

Location Pages

You’ll have to make pages for every location you get that’s similar to getting pages for every treatment or service you offer. For example, a dental professional in New York may also cover a spot in nearby areas.

They need to make pages for other areas even though the website may have optimized for New York. It makes better chances that potential patients in both cities will get your site when they search by location.

Online Reviews

We talked about some features of the dental site and found the value of the online reviews. But, why they’re valuable will clear to you if you know some data. About 72 percent of readers don’t take action if they don’t find positive reviews of the services.

Also, 15 percent of them don’t even believe any businesses or websites if they don’t have reviews. And 57.5 percent of the users review the service or item worldwide on Google.

The users find reviews of anything on Google or Yelp. So, they go that way as it’s effortless to find out. As a result, adding online reviews of your website is very important to attract clients for your web design agency Long Island service.


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