Sad but True – 5 Things That Decrease the Value of Your House


Like most homeowners might be aware of, your house is probably the biggest and most crucial investment you can make in your lifetime. Contrary to popular belief, a few factors can pitch in, decreasing the overall market value of your house. Today we will be discussing those few factors that can decrease the value of your property, so you can be vigilant in investing your hard-earned cash later on.

1. Proximity with Power Lines

Today’s modern era is heavily invested in the local electricity supply, without which homes and commercial spots are unable to strive. Despite the importance, having power lines new houses alarming news for most homeowners. Not only are they dangerous, they certainly make your property look cramped, unattractive and most unwelcoming. This is definitely one factor to watch for.

2. Train Tracks Ahoy

Most homeowners know the advantages of living near a local train station or subway. But living right next to a set of train tracks is certainly out of the question. Living near a hustling bustling train tracks route can contribute to a lot of noise near the local community. Apart from this, if potential buyers have children, then the close proximity from the train tracks can pose as a safety hazard, which can certainly bring down the market value of your house.

3. Proximity to a Highway

Having a good commuting route at close distances is ideal for office workers, students, and school-going children. But living right atop of a freeway is a different story. Living right across the highway can lead to a higher influx of traffic, excessive noise pollution and hustle bustle throughout the day, which is why most homeowners may notice a sharp decline of interest from the potential buyer for their property located adjacent to a highway.

4. The Hoarders Next Door

Your neighbors matter just as much as the house itself before potential buyers think of striking a deal. Whether it’s the neighborhood itself, or your nosy hoarding neighbor, buyers will steer clear of the house. Doesn’t matter if your neighbors are technically hoarders or not, if the exterior of the surrounding homes looks cramped and too much to handle, the price of your house will decrease. No one wants to get sore eyes by looking across the street. You can’t do much, but recommend them Austin trash removal services if you can.

5. Unusual Upgrades

It is important to realize that your property is part of the greater whole that represents your area and locality. Installing unusual upgrades such as an outdoor pool in a colder climate, fountains, and birdbaths in a small cramped middle-class neighborhood are bound to decrease the value of your property. By doing unnecessary updating, all of these installations will pose as extra work and maintenance for potential buyers.

Other than that, too much junk and clutter also turn off buyers. There are Austin TX trash removal services that arrive with their trucks and take junk with them. You can check them out.


And there you have it! A comprehensive guide to some of the not so subtle factors that can drastically lower the value of your home.


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