How to Know a Junk Removal Service Is Good?


Sometimes you need to hire a junk removal service to clean up your junk because cleaning up that much junk is very hard and time-consuming. But before you ask home junk removal near me, you should know how to find out the junk removal you’re hiring is actually as good as they say they are. A reputable junk removal service will always back up what they say. Find out how you can judge them.

Quick Removal of Junk

In the junk removal industry, the time it takes from a customer making a phone call to the service and the actual junk removal is considered a criterion to figure out how good the service provider is. Since it’s a service business, time is valuable to them. A good junk removal service will give you a quick removal of your junk on the same day.

Pick Up All Kinds of Junk

Good junk removal services, e.g. Jiffy Junk, will always pick up every kind of junk you have. They won’t say no to a particular item. Average or bad service providers often say no to a lot of items. However, it’s important to know that junk removal services, no matter how good they are, tend not to take hazardous waste, e.g. bleach, oil, fertilizer, paint, etc.

Enough Resources

A good junk removal service will always have adequate resources to haul away junk. They won’t come to your place underprepared. They will have all the tools and equipment to haul away your junk. They will have enough manpower and tools to load and carry your junk regardless of their size and shape.

Skills and Experiences

A good junk removal service will always have a team full of experienced junk haulers who have excellent skills to haul junk. They will have proper training and have already done job lots of times before.

Affordable Price

Good junk removal services know that the client will just choose another service over them if they don’t offer a competitive price. So, they always offer affordable prices for their clients. The pricing will depend on the type and amount of junk and it has to be affordable.

Proper Recycle and Disposal

See if the junk removal service you’re hiring recycling and donating before they dispose of the junk. Not every junk removal service does this although it should be imperative. The good ones always try to salvage some items and donate them to charity, they only dispose of the unsalvageable items. They should care for the safety of the environment and dispose properly and not waste salvageable items.

Proper Cleanup

Last but not least, junk removal should give you a proper cleanup. That’s the whole point of hiring them and if they cannot do that, they are not to be trusted again.


You already have enough ideas about how to figure out if the service is good or not. You can do one more thing and check if they’re fully licensed and insured and then look for garbage companies near me.


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