How to Add a Sign in PDF


By Using Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is an excellent PDF viewer. While it packs many features, is also offers excellent support for signing PDF documents. There are other options as well, known as third party readers, available in the market, which will provide you with the same feature, but only if you pay for it.

To begin with, signing a PDF document, you will need to Run Adobe Reader first and open the PDF document. Click “Fill&Sign” button. Select the button “Sign” on the tool bar, which will give you two options. If there is something else that you want to add, click on the respective options to perform functions accordingly. Proceed towards selecting “Add signature” which you can actually do in three ways. Adobe Reader by default has written “Type”, you can replace that by your name and then convert it into a signature.

Since this is something that is not going to look like your actual signature, it is not going to be ideal either. What you will do instead, is choose the “Draw” option, and by using your mouse, you will actually draw your signature. If you want to sign a paper, select “Image” option, scan the piece of paper and then continue adding your signature to the document.

It is worthy to mention, that you will be doing this only once. The signature then can be used for signing any document that you will sign in the future. After you are done with finalizing your signature, click “Apply” to add to the document.

Also if you want to edit or delete pages, you can do it in Adobe Reader too. However, if it’s not an option, you can delete PDF pages online free.

How to do it? It’s a simple process. Type ‘PDF editor to delete pages online free’. You will get a bunch of sites that can edit and delete PDF pages. Select one of them.

By Using Preview in Mac

When it comes to previewing, Mac users have always been luckier than Window users. The Preview application that comes with Mac is in-built with document signing features. Since MACs at the same time also come with excellent trackpads, you can easily draw your signature to add it to PDF documents. The new MacBook features “Force Touch” trackpad, which is sensitive to pressure, resulting in even more accurate signatures. If you have an iMac that has no trackpad, you can still sign documents the old-fashioned way, by signing a piece of paper and “Scanning” with your webcam. To sign a document, you will have to open the PDF document first, click on “Show Markup Toolbar”, proceed towards clicking the “Sign” button on the tool bar.

You will then be further required to draw your own signatures using the trackpad or by scanning a piece of paper and then signing it using your webcam. You will need to capture your signature only once and Preview will save it for you for the future. After you have done capturing your signature, click on the “Sign” button. Your signature will be applied as an image, which you can move around and resize for it to fit the document. Other options as well in the toolbar allow you to type text and add shapes by drawing etc. Once you are done with making changes, click File>Save, which will apply signature to your file, or if you want to create a duplicate, it will do that as well.


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