7 House Checks You Should Do Once a Year


Your house maintenance is just as important as you take care of yourself. Often times the task that is to be done gets neglected or ignored completely which result in a shorter life of your home. These tasks aren’t that easy to pull off and sometimes maintenance can be expensive. It’s something you should do on a yearly basis all at once or spread each of them throughout the year separately as said by trash disposal companies near me. Point is, that these tasks should be done at least once per year to keep your house safe and in the best shape.

1. Draining Your Water Heater

Water heaters are very much a need in winters, and you wouldn’t want them not to work when you need them the most. Some residue is left on the bottom causing the heater to corrode. Draining the water can help your heater to let go of the sediment, making your heater to work more efficiently.

2. Cleaning Up the Gutter

Cleaning your gutters can do wonders for your house maintenance. They are responsible for the rainwater or snow to keep them off your roof. Dead leaves, dead rodents, debris, and other stuff can clog up your gutters. An annual cleanup may last up to a year without you having to worry about them. Trash disposal companies near me love this tip.

3. Cleaning the Dryer Vent

A clogged or blocked dryer vent can result in a fire. You may clean up the lint trap after using the dryer but sometimes it still gets through, increasing its build up and causing it to expend more energy which has a fire risk. Dryer vent should be checked for the lint buildup as well as the pipe and you will be good to go.

4. Check for Water Damage

Water damages can lead to big problems. Look for signs around the sinks that need plumbing work. Untreated issues can lead to molds and leaks which is a serious issue. An annual checkup from plumbing professionals is necessary to avoid any inconvenience.

5. Cleaning Up the Chimney

Another issue that is most neglected is the chimney cleanup. Creosote and soot build up inside the chimney after use. Regular users should have them inspected more frequently because the build ups are actually fire hazards. You should also check the battery situation in your fire detector.

6. Checking Up On Your House Insurance

House insurance that covers most of the hazards like rain, hailstorm, etc. should be inspected and checked up thoroughly each year so that it continues to protect your house.

7. Checkup of the Roof

Roofs receive the most hostility of the weather. The most damaged part of the house is the roof. Roof damages cause leaks and stains on the walls. The attic is the main source of finding out if your roof needs repairs. A repair or a full replacement should be made immediately to protect your house from unwanted problems.

Regular cleanups are very important for your house since there are many serious hazards that can occur if they are ignored completely – emphasized by trash pickup companies near me. An annual inspection is very important for homeowners.


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