5 Tidy Tips for Organizing Basement Storage Room


Not a lot of people consider decluttering or organizing their storage rooms for the very simple reason that they see no point in it. A storage room is the easiest place in your entire house to end up a complete mess. To avoid having to deal with this, here are some top ways to help you declutter and organize your storage room.

1. Clean Your Storage Room

Basement storage rooms are one of the most overlooked rooms in the entire house. And with great negligence comes great deterioration. Same goes for your house. It demands regular maintenance or else you’re going to end up with a pile of work to do and your store room is no exception. Cleaning your storage room will help you with the cluttering business far more than you realize. Storage is a room where all surplus items are thrown. You might not even know the treasures that are left hidden behind the doors of your basement. To make the items easier to deal with, do the cleaning first. You don’t want to get your hands dirty in all the dust and spider webs, which is enough of an excuse to put off organizing your storage items.

2. Devout a Directory

After having your storage room cleaned, you can make an inventory of all the items in your storage room. It’ll give you the latitude to think about what needs to be done with all the items. Whether certain items need to be given for charity, kept, or gone on sale. That’s a 100% up to your personal preferences.

3. Grouping the Items

After having decided upon what items to keep and what not, it’s going to be far easier for you to organize your belongings. You can start organizing your items by grouping items with accordance to your needs at a particular time. For instance, you group all the holiday décor together while your winter wear will have a separate assemblage. Breaking your stored items into specific categories will not only make your store room far more organized but also will help you when looking for a certain item when you’re in need of it.

4. Suit Your Need

Customizing your basement with accordance to how frequently you’re going to need that certain item should be your priority. For instance, if there is cutlery that you require weekly and need to be kept in the basement or winter boots, you should be smart enough to recognize which item requires more masking than the other. Your organization must be in such a way that this challenge has been taken care of so that your organization is not disrupted, when looking for something.

5. Label Everything

Regardless of how sharp your memory is; you are likely to lose track of where you kept certain items. To avoid being stuck in such a conflict, label your belongings according to their groupings. Some examples of labelling can be “Holiday decor”, “winter clothing”, “cutlery” etc.

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So, follow the above tips for basement storage organization and impress your family and friends.


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