5 Best Hiking Boots for Men


Are you a hiker in need of hiking boots? Normal shoes have no grip over the rough routes and terrains. Tough but flexible and waterproof hiker boots are the best option to go for. Some hikers prefer waterproof mids and boots, some choose flexible shoes that are breathable and dry quickly. Besides preferences, it is important to choose boots with good fitting. Also think in terms of temperature, terrain, flexibility, durability, and weight of loads that will be in your backpack. Here are some of the best hiking boots for men we have picked out.

1. Salewa Mountain Trainer Mid GTX

Salewa designs kits for mountaineering and climbing and hence it’s mountain boots are great for hiking and trekking. The Trainer Mid GTX is designed to provide excellent flexibility and durability. Even with full-day hiking, the boots will give you extreme comfort. It features a protective rubber rand that sits high above the feet protecting from rocks and a special lacing system allows a nice secure fit.

Salewa is first and foremost a company that designs kits for mountaineering and climbing, so it’ll come as no surprise that these shoes are designed for the toughest ascents and descents.

2. Scarpa R-Evo GTX

Apart from being one of the best looking boots, R-Evo GTX bases its capability more on technical aspects of hiking. The durability and waterproofing features are strong with this one. The boot is designed to keep your feet held firm when you cross a terrain. Keeping aside the thin laces as a negative trait, the boot is a must-have for mountaineers and hikers. If you are down for some serious hiking business, R-Evo is going to be your best friend.

3. Lowa Renegade GTX Mid

This is hands down the most handsome looking boots, we said it! The Renegade is the most impressive multifunctional boot that suits anything from walking, climbing, or trekking. This has a Gore-Tex lining as well which ensures your feet feel dry all the time. The MONOWRAP web combined with nubuck leather on the upper side provides support for the foot that’s both secure and comfortable. Talking about the outsole, this has an impressive grip on any kind of terrain. From comfortable strolling to heavy trekking, this boot fits in your life perfectly.

4. Adidas Terrex Free Hiker GTX

This is one of the best hiking boots for beginners. Adidas Terrex Free Hiker is the lightest hiking boot with prime knit uppers. Like the running shoes of Adidas, Hiker GTX consists of the same boost technology of them. This combination makes Adidas the most comfortable and flexible hiking boot. Adidas took a step further and added GORE-TEX to it which means better wetness control. So now you can walk wet terrains without any fear of wetting your feet. There is a reason why these hikers are lightweight. This is because these are designed for moderate walks and hikes. If you are aiming for tougher climbs, then this isn’t the best choice for you.

5. Mountain Warehouse Boulder Winter Trekker Boots

If you are looking for a more affordable option with tough features, choose Winter Trekker Boots. It’s called winter trekker because it’s basically for winter trekking. The boots have an IsoTherm layer that keeps your feet warm along with waterproofed materials that keep your feet dry even when you take a walk on icy or snowy roads. Overall, it’s durable and comfortable and you can wear it for a long time when you are spending out in the cold. This, however, is not fitted for extreme rocky mountain trekking.

There you go, 5 best hiking boots for men of all time. We have laid out the foundation, it’s your choice to pick which one suits you the best. For beginners, you can choose the Adidas boot to start you with your hiking.


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