4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Stainless Steel Drainage Grates


Searching for a good drainage grate for your project? Choosing the right grate for your drainage system is actually a big deal. When you choose the components for drainage systems, you need to consider various matters. While selecting a strip drain channel, you need to look for the suitable grate material. You can choose a few different materials, like steel, iron, polymer plastic, concrete, etc. While all grates are useful, stainless steel grates are mostly preferred because it’s durable and smooth. The designs are versatile and reliable. Let’s explain in brief about the benefits steel drains have over the others.

1. It’s Hygienic

The most significant advantage of stainless steel strip drains is the hygiene factor. Steel is a nonporous material that looks smooth and is easy to clean. No ridges, no pores make it easier to clean as there’s a lesser chance of dirt or germs depositing in them. As it effectively prevents bacteria’s growth, it’s useful in places like hospitals, food service facilities, etc.

2. It’s Safer

Stainless steel grates are a safer option compared to plastic or cast iron. These grates are low profile, so there’s a lesser chance of tripping over. The slots are thinner but effective. Stainless steel grater is much more durable than any other grater material and can withstand heavy loads. It wouldn’t break or crack, and thus it minimizes the chances of injuries to the passers-by. Stainless steels are much lighter than other materials, which makes them easy to lift and replace.

3. It’s Aesthetically Pleasing

Another added benefit of stainless steel trench is its aesthetic appearance. Most drain grates look hideous and don’t seem so pleasing to the eyes. However, stainless grates offer a sleeker and shinier design that compliments the ground. Wherever you install the stainless drench grates, they will blend seamlessly with the surrounding. Since it comes in various designs and sizes, it doesn’t need to be broad and ruin the look. But don’t think it’s any lesser than the wider ones. Albeit the grates are thinner, they are very efficient and even drain liquid faster than the other ones.

4. It’s Cost-Effective

This might surprise you, but stainless steel is less expensive than the other options. Well yeah, not cheap, but if you consider not spending money on grates for a longer time, stainless grates are your go-to options. It is a cost-effective option, and because it’s durable, it won’t break so easily. So, you don’t need frequent replacements. Thus it saves a large sum of money you would have otherwise spent. Since you do not have to do much labor while cleaning the material, it doesn’t even take a dime for maintenance.


These are some glorious reasons why you should choose stainless steel drain grates over the others. I have covered the main benefits of the grates. If you are thinking of a hygienic, safe, good-looking, and cost-effective solution, then stainless ones are your best option. That’s all, folks! I’ll see you next time with another useful article.


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