4 Essential Things to Take With You before Using a Party Transport


People love to party, and there’s nothing wrong with it. That’s why party buses and limousines are there for a fun and luxurious ride. A night out is incomplete without a party bus. They are designed to bring comfort, safety, and a sense of grandiosity. But getting decked up and sitting in a bus/limo aren’t everything; you need to be prepared for a few things first. There are a few things to take for your party adventure before you start your fun-ride. Let’s take a look before you look for the best limo service in Michigan.


This one will be the first thing you should take with you before boarding a party bus. You are hiring a party bus to have a great time, but then all the party mood gets ruined because you feel nauseous; that won’t be a good thing, right? So, better safe than sorry. Bring some sickness tablets, vomiting bags, etc. And you also don’t need to get embarrassed about motion sickness because it’s relatively common. The situation may even worsen if you have drunk too much alcohol or crazy food. A motion sickness kit is, therefore, will be the saving grace to a supposed mishap. Also, keep meds for headaches and pains because dancing all night long being intoxicated can cause bad headaches.


Don’t mind me; I am a very cautious person who likes to keep backups just for the sake of my sanity. I keep extra napkins, medications, cutleries, and plates and cups whenever I travel. Now you would think I am such a mom! I might be, but hey, you never know when you need this stuff. And what if you face some awkward situations? I am not willing to sabotage my mood because of those situations. If you have food or drink in the vehicle, you must need paper plates and cups. You don’t want to make a huge mess in the car because that might cause you to spend more money.

Food and beverages

You might not know, but most of the party buses you hire come with food selections. You can also choose to self-cater. Bringing food ensures you have complete control of the menu and the food quality. You can choose to cook your food beforehand according to the number of guests you will be going with.  Just remember the dietary limitations and preferences.

As for drinks, packing some good wine and whisky is a good idea as well. However, alcoholic beverages shouldn’t be the only liquid you would want to take. Keep bottles of water to stay hydrated; you need it to trust me! Also, keep options for guests who doesn’t consume alcohol, include juices, sodas, colas, or other soft drinks.


Don’t forget your wallet and brain at home just because you have a party on your mind! I’m serious! As you might have already paid for the party bus or limo in advance but you still need money or your debit/credit cards for various reasons. You still have to pay for the bars and clubs entry fee, food, and beverages, etc., so keeping cash at hand is necessary. While you can carry debit/credit cards but I suggest you still keep some paper money for desperate times.

It doesn’t harm to keep these things at hand; you don’t know when you would need them. Even if it’s not for your use, you can help others in dire situations. Need a limo service in East Lansing MI? Doing a quick Google search will get your things done.


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