3 Important Online Dating Tips for Women


Online dating isn’t weird anymore thanks to modern technology. People are more open to dating platforms nowadays. With all the pandemic pandemonium, people prefer online dating platforms for finding their Mr./Ms. Right! You visit an online dating site or app, signup, and get started! Simple right? It might not be as simple as it sounds. Traditional daters who like to meet someone in person find online dating apps a little intimidating for various reasons.

Women are more likely to be harassed or abused on social dating platforms. Then there’s a nagging fear of getting your privacy and security compromised. Other than these crucial problems, many women don’t feel confident about dating sites. As modernized, we may seem to have become; we still face the dilemma of telling or not telling anyone about our online dating platforms because deep inside, we still fear being judged. Let me tell you that it’s okay to use a dating website. I have used it too, and I am not ashamed of it. Now, you are probably thinking about what if guys or girls don’t find you interesting? No girl that rarely happens. Eventually, you will find someone who sees you interesting. You have to take your time and keep swiping profiles until you find the right one. If you are still concerned, we have put together a few online dating tips for women that you might find useful. Have a look.

1. Let Your Personality Speak for You

I remember a friend of mine once told me that I suppress myself rather than expressing myself fully. That’s true, actually! Because I am a strong and a dominant person, people, especially guys, get intimidated by that. And that made me suppress personality for many years. But guess what, that didn’t work in my love life! I am trying to say it is don’t pretend to be something you are not even when you are sitting behind your computer. Be genuine, talk about what interests you and what doesn’t. It’s easy to fake, but it takes real courage to be true to yourself and the others. Stop worrying whether they will like you or not. If they don’t like your genuine self, then they don’t deserve you, plain and simple.

2. Be Courteous but Don’t Be Clingy

Clinginess is never good. Neither in a male or nor in a female. This makes you seem desperate. When you message someone or vice versa, send them nice texts. If they don’t reply, don’t bombard them with messages every hour. Let them have some space. I get it that you fear losing the person you like, and so you keep texting them to get their attention. But texting them umpteen times wouldn’t make them like you back. They might start to avoid you because you are too pushy. If they like you, they will reply to you and let you know that they are interested. But if they keep you hanging for too long, know your worth and move on!

3. Never Lie On Your Profile

I have touched about the topic earlier today so that I wouldn’t take much space to explain this. Be genuine and talk about your interests. Don’t post a picture of someone else and pretend it to be you. That’s a dangerous level of catfishing, and it’s a punishable crime no matter how innocent your move is. Always put a picture of you. With tones of makeup on, it gets difficult to see the real you (I have nothing against wearing makeup). Here’s my two cents, post pictures of you both with and without makeup so that people can see what you indeed are. I find makeup to be a mask that we conceal our faces just because we are insecure about how we look. That doesn’t mean you should stop wearing makeup, not suggesting that at all. Just make them see all of your shades to decide whether they can love you not.

There you go, top 3 tips for online dating to get yourself ready for an online date. Be yourself because you are beautiful as you are.


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